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Vader Systems provides superior 3D metal printing solutions that enable partners to build the Factory of Tomorrow 100x faster than existing market solutions with safer handling and less waste.

Vader Systems represents a revolutionary advancement in 3D printing — eliminating the many issues inherent in legacy processes. Vader’s patented Magnet-o-Jet™ technology utilizes the control and precision of an electromagnetic field to propel liquefied metals to produce high integrity parts, faster.

Unlike legacy 3D printing equipment, Vader Systems provides “engineered solutions” to meet the customer’s specific application needs. This is achieved through strong collaboration with the end user.

Vader Systems Currently Supports Platform Solutions Including:
Polaris™ System
Magnet-o-Jet™ Subsystem for Hybrid Manufacturing
Ares™ Microsphere Production System
Markets Served
  • Hybrid Manufacturing
  • Heavy Industry
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Sporting Goods
  • Energy
  • Medical
Defense / Aerospace
  • In Theater Manufacturing
  • Sustainment - Land/Sea
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Short Production Runs
  • Supply Chain Vertical Integration
  • Hybrid Manufacturing
  • Antennas
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Rapid Transmission Lines
Research / Development
  • Hybrid Manufacturing
  • Conformal Electronics
  • Specialty Materials
  • Multi-Functional Printing
  • Product Development
  • Qualification
The Vader Polaris™ System represents a revolutionary advance in 3D printing — bringing to life new possibilities for metal additive manufacturing. Centered on our patented Magnet-o-Jet™ technology, the Vader System propels liquefied metal from a 1200°C chamber encased in an electromagnetic field through print nozzles similar to an inkjet printer — allowing full control of the Earth’s most abundant metal, aluminum. Its reliance on wire feedstock rather than powders allows the Vader System to offer significantly reduced operating expenses and dramatically reduced time for near net shape parts. This remarkable step in technology is delivered through a state of the art touchscreen user interface, with access to all process parameters.
Technical Highlights
  • Droplet Rate: 0.012 in. (300 μm) to 0.20 in. (500 μm)
  • Max Load: 88 lbs. [40 kg]
  • Volumetric Rate: Up to 1 lb. (0.45 kg / hr.)
  • Isotropic material properties and complex geometries
Software & Control System
  • Industry Leading Motion Controller: Siemens 840DSL
  • Industry Standard g-code and STL files and proprietary post processor
  • Large Format 19” Touchscreen with multi-lingual capability
Polaris™ Features & Benefits
  • 99%+ dense parts depending on application
  • Low residual stress and part distortion
  • Superior microstructure, thin wall geometries
  • Material Yield - 98%+
  • Reduced cost of material (by 90%)
  • Easy removal from build plate
  • No hazardous material (no powders)
  • Safe handling, storage, and shipping
  • Only normal PPE required
Production Cost
  • Reduced time to part
  • No additional sintering or densifying
  • Lower energy cost - energy cost per part is extremely low
Ease of Installation
No special facility requirements
Large Build Volume
12” x 12” x 12” (305 x 305 x 305 mm)
Safer Operating Conditions
Only standard industrial PPE required
Locally Sourced Materials
Utilizes wire input material that is easily sourced, less expensive, and safe to handle
High Throughput
Builds at rates of up to 1lb/hr, yielding finished parts in record time
Multiple Alloys
Aluminum 4043
In Qualification: A356, 1100, 2319, 4047, 6061, 7075, Bronze, Copper
Quick Start-Up, Shut-Down & Change-Over
No powder prep or clean-out
High ROI
Waste reduction: 98%+ material yield
Cost savings: Up to 90% reduction per part over existing technologies
Superior Results
Optimized parameters yield 99.5% dense parts, with low residual stress, less warping
Magnet-o-Jet™ Subsystem
Vader Systems provides customized Magnet-o-Jet™ subsystems that integrate with customer processes to achieve advanced manufacturing objectives such as hybrid manufacturing equipment and functional printing.
Technical Highlights
  • Simplify production workflows and save time with an integrated subsystem
  • Customized solutions turn on industry leading tool heads and turrets
Magnet-o-Jet™ Features & Benefits
Enables Broader Material Selection For Hybrid Manufacturing
Aluminum 4043
In Qualification: A356, 1100, 2319, 4047, 6061, 7075, Bronze, Copper
High Throughput
Builds at rates of up to 1lb/hr
Minimal Heat-Affected Zone
Droplets convey heat only to the location where welding is necessary
Cleaner Operation
No sparks or powder spraying
High ROI
Waste reduction: 98%+ material yield
Cost savings: up to 90% reduction per part over existing technologies
No Cross-Contamination
Droplets stay where placed
Safer Handling
Materials, manufacturing & storage
No Powder Bed to Contaminate
Not sensitive to cutting chips or debris
Cutting Coolant Safe
Printhead is sealed
Ares™ Powder System
Harnessing the power and versatility of our patented MagnetoJet™ technology, the Ares™ Microsphere production system produces Vaderite™ --industry leading microspheres-- for powder-based systems with high uniformity and nearly 100% yield.
Vaderite™ performs: unmatched sphericity, high flowability, and narrow particle size distribution.
Technical Highlights
  • On-demand, small-batch [Vaderite™] production system
  • Uniform metal microspheres
  • Reduced lead times and waste for specialty small batch requirements
  • Material changeover, virtually impossible to cross-contaminate
  • No storage or shipping compliance issues
Ares™ Features & Benefits
Industry-Leading Sphericity
98.6% spherical beads
No Sifting or Processing
100% yield
Quick Start-Up & Change-Over
Tailored or custom alloys possible in small batches
Narrow Particle Size Distribution
Example: 160µm with 10µm standard deviation
High Flowability
Spreads and pours easily
Inventory On-Demand
Make what you need
Safer Manufacturing
No fines, less hazardous
High ROI
Due to reduced waste and low operating costs

Vader’s patented Magnet-o-Jet™ technology is based on the study of Magneto Hydro Dynamics (MHD), or more simply: the manipulation of liquid metal through magnetism. MagnetoJet’s extraordinary physics are accomplished by depositing Aluminum wire into an 1200°C ceramic chamber, where it is influenced into a molten state. This molten media is then electromagnetically pulsed – causing a droplet to form and eject with precision from a carefully crafted ceramic nozzle.

The Vader System delivers 1000 droplets per second with micron level accuracy, while doubling the speed of conventional 3D powder bed metal printers. Aluminum was an intentional first step, but MagnetoJet will evolve to printing additional conductive metals and potentially thousands of printing heads within one machine.

Vader’s technology provides versatility. Magnet-o-Jet allows for the use of many allows including 4043, 4047, and 1100. In qualification are: 365, 6061, 7075, copper, and bronze.

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    • Technical Business Development
      Technical sales role will be responsible for fostering customer relationships through direct sales and coordinated team efforts.
    • Systems Engineer
      Primarily, the Systems Engineer will analyze customer needs, develop system requirement specifications, and prepare for engineering integration for customer applications and custom solutions.
    • Industrial Process Controls Engineer
      Industrial Controls Engineer role will be to help expand, refine, and maintain our existing infrastructure to ensure the integrity and quality of our products as we ramp up production.
    • Software Engineer
      As a Software Engineer, you will serve as a critical member of a software development team. This role will focus on the integration of hardware with motion control and proprietary software applications.
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